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Conversion of library into research laboratory

Life Sciences
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In the existing six-storey research building, the first floor, previously used as a library, was converted into a research laboratory. The building's technical installations had to be newly constructed or adapted.

With the exception of the existing central circulation, the room layout was redesigned and optimised: A wet laboratory was set up as an open space, with the actual laboratory area in a central location and spatially separated evaluation stations.

The flexible basic equipment serves the various research groups and their needs. Additional BSL2 laboratories, various equipment rooms, a large recreation room, offices, meeting rooms, a spacious training room and WC facilities were newly constructed.

To improve energy efficiency, the windows were replaced and thermal insulation measures were carried out. The work was carried out while the building was in operation, including the lecture halls.

The building services and structural construction measures, some of which spanned several floors, also affected the floor below with the foyer and lecture halls and the floor above with additional research laboratories.