About us

WIRTH+WIRTH is a platform on which people meet to formulate and pursue common goals. They form teams, share tasks, exchange ideas with each other, and gradually develop fundamentals, methodology, networks, know-how, ideas, BIM models, 2- and 3-D plans, and other elements of planning and execution to achieve these goals.

The host of this hub is the "genius loci" of Leimenstrasse 47. The atmosphere of the hundred and twenty year old house is characterized by illuminating light, refreshing green of the garden, freedom of the room height and the tranquility of the balanced proportions.

From here, places are sought out whose individual "genius loci" is to be discovered and sustainably promoted. It is there that design of space takes its beginning and the intensive study of the place to find its individual balance of aesthetics, functionality and economy.

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We develop with foresight, visionary and supported by valuable interdisciplinary experience as well as compositional precision conversions and new buildings, feasibility studies and more. We create places to be. Reliable. Sustainable. Digital. Economical. On schedule.

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No project is too complex for us - our professional office prides itself on our skilled team members as well as many years of collaboration with specialists in a wide range of fields, making us a reliable partner for your next project. Our services include:

Architecture, General Planning, Total Contracting

Depending on your needs and wishes, the range of services can include architecture, general planning, i.e. planning of all constructional trades, construction management but also turnkey execution.

- site analysis

- market analysis

- project development

- development plan

- district plan

- master plan

- Planning and tendering

- general planning

- construction management

- On request: total contractor

- consulting

- Client representation

Real Estate - Consulting

We are happy to advise you on all aspects of real estate:

- Determination of the market value

- Determination of the net asset value

- Project development, development of developed or undeveloped properties

- feasibility analysis

- Location and market analysis

- SWOT analysis of real estate and projects

- Consulting in financing issues

Main topics

- laboratory construction

- clean room

- Industrial and commercial construction

- Gastronomy, kitchens, canteens, staff restaurants

- office workplaces

- residential construction

- Assisted living

- New construction

- Conversion, change of use

- Extension, expansion

- Refurbishments

- Conversion and renovation of listed buildings

Conversion, extension, change of use during ongoing operation

A frequent request and our specialty. We are up to the high demands precision, communication and organization and look forward to new challenges every time.

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Pascal Wirth and Christian Schmid lead the 30-member team, which consists of specialists for:

Project development

Project management


Civil engineering


Construction management and administration


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