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Renovation of office and laboratory building

Life Sciences
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The particular architectural challenge was to create high-quality premises for research at minimal investment costs. In addition, retaining the existing building structures and the external appearance was an important factor from the outset.

The needs were clarified with the future users, Prof. Zeller, Prof. Christofori, Prof. Rolink and Prof. Holländer, and implemented accordingly. The building was dismantled down to the basic structure and subjected to a pollutant clean-up. The spatial programme provided for a clear division of uses: on the ground floor, a new main entrance was created directly from Mattenstrasse and the public-oriented spaces such as the library, the seminar and meeting rooms as well as the cafeteria were arranged.

Laboratories and the associated work and auxiliary rooms were set up on the four upper floors. The basement floors are used for building services, animal stalls and storage. Additional technical rooms were planned for the attic. The existing access zones were used as before but redesigned. The windows on the facades were replaced and the necessary thermal insulation was provided. The roof was renovated and covered with extensive greenery.