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Renovation laboratory floor ETH

Life Sciences
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Until ETH Zurichs Schällemätteli life sciences campus was completed in 2022, five new research groups from the D-BSSE department of ETH Zurich had to be accommodated in 2016. For this reason, WIRTH+WIRTH was commissioned to renovate the rented existing laboratory floor WRO 1055.

The planning and preparation time of seven months and the construction time of three months until acceptance by the authorities was a challenge that had to be mastered.

The renovation and reconstruction measures were kept on a low-cost basis due to the temporary nature of staying on site. The existing forty-year-old facilities were renovated and supplemented with new equipment as required.

The lighting, IT and electrical wiring were renewed according to the requirements and applicable guidelines, and the laboratory gas connections were supplemented according to the needs.
The sanitary facilities had to be renewed and the technical refrigeration newly installed. In addition to various spatial adaptations, infrastructure rooms such as the autoclave room, the training rooms, meeting rooms and lounges were refurbished.