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Installation of new laboratories in the Technology Park Basel

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The Technology Park Basel in the Stücki Business Park is the new address for technology start-ups. Since summer 2011, innovative start-ups from various technology sectors have had the opportunity here to conduct research and exchange ideas in an entrepreneurial environment. For this purpose, the Technology Park Basel offers offices and laboratories at interesting conditions, a jointly usable infrastructure and various services.

We've built 14 BSL 2 and 2 chemistry laboratories in the south area, with the possibility of expanding the number of laboratories to 24, and in the north area, offices and meeting rooms were incorporated. In the middle zones to the laboratories, ancillary rooms and equipment-washrooms were arranged and in these to the office area, meeting rooms, archives and meeting rooms were created.

To enable a personal exchange between the users, levels 7 and 8 were connected by an internal staircase and a meeting zone with a kitchenette was built in.

The laboratories and their adjoining rooms were ventilated and cooled. All offices are naturally ventilated. The supply of compressed air and various sanitary supplies is centralised for all 3 levels. The supply of laboratory gases (CO2, N2, Ar, etc.) is ensured in each laboratory individually with cylinders.