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Conversion of the "radiopharmaceutical chemistry" department of the University Hospital Basel

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In the existing building "Klinikum 2" of the University Hospital Basel, the radiopharmaceutical chemistry areas on the 1st floor were converted, approx. 1,600 m2.

The conversion was carried out in five stages while the facility was still in operation. The trigger for the reconstruction was the construction of a connecting corridor to the new OR East. This separated the previously closed, controlled area of the nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical chemistry departments roughly in the middle.

For radiation protection and organisational reasons, the existing uses such as production, quality control, portioning and application of radiopharmaceuticals, as well as imaging of applied patients, had to be reorganised in a controlled and monitored zone.

Requirements of "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) and the "current Guidelines on Good Radiopharmacy Practice" (cGRPP; =guidelines of the EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine), which were adopted and put into force by the Swiss authorities (BAG and Swissmedic), necessitated the establishment of a clean room for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals.

On the north side of the connecting corridor, the existing uses of offices and research laboratories were reorganised. Outside the closed sectors, a new reception, offices and laboratories were arranged.