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Neubau und Sanierung Villa Winzerpark


The Villa Winzerpark was completely renovated by WIRTH+WIRTH ARCHITECTS and given its new purpose as a restaurant. The heart of the restaurant - the gastro kitchen - is located in a newly designed glass cube extension. On the ground floor there is a spacious entrance area, bar, restaurant for 46 people, banquet room for 40 people with adjoining rooms.
The villa, built in 1959 in the style of a French country house, was designed by the Basel architect Ernest A. Christen. His buildings are characterised by the stylistically confident arrangement of historical architectural elements into a new, harmonious composition, at the centre of which is the human being and his need for a protective and unifying roof for his family. The special challenge of the new concept lay in the value-preserving consideration of the historical heritage - which, in addition to its harmonious unity, consists of many lovingly designed details - and the simultaneous integration of the changed technical and functional requirements for the individual parts of the building. Five apartment buildings with 60 obstacle-free flats have been built in the park. The new buildings integrate harmoniously into the park and line the historic villa.

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