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New construction of a pharmaceutical production facility

Life Sciences

Polaris stands for a high-tech, biopharmaceutical production building used for the manufacture and filling of ophthalmic medical substances. However, the new building designed for this purpose in central switzerland, east of ta green park, has much more to offer: processes, architecture and materials are oriented towards the factors for qualitative and smooth communication, promotion of social competence as well as constructive cooperation in the life sciences sector.

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The atrium serves as the main entrance and the heart of the facility. As an inner courtyard, it creates harmony between the building and its surrounding nature and fills the adjacent work areas with daylight.

In addition, eight loggias facing the park and forest provide direct access for the offices and laboratories to the outside world. In winter and on rainy days the glass-roofed atrium also serves as a connection between inside and outside.

A graceful dome was designed as a canopy and symbol of the company's vision and commitment to ophthalmology, whose iris shadow is projected onto the floor of the atrium when the sun shines. Four vital deciduous trees, located directly in front of the main entrance, form a continuation to the nearby forest. They thus make an important contribution to the integration of Polaris into its immediate surroundings.

The building consists of three wings: Production, Laboratories and Administration.

In the Polaris production, ophthalmological remedies are manufactured and filled. As a result, the building is highly viable and adaptable to future process and technology changes as well as increasing capacities.

The laboratories, administration and co-working areas are oriented towards a covered atrium and an open inner courtyard facing the large park, which connects the building with the city, the railway station and the public areas via well-kept cycle- and footpaths.