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The Leipzig Football Stadium

Picture Usbpersonalrest 004

The 45,000-seat Leipzig football stadium was completed in 2005 for the 2006 World Cup. This was preceded by a competition in which the projects of Sir Norman Foster and WIRTH+WIRTH were recommended for further work. The decision was made in favour of the WIRTH+WIRTH project.

The new stands were inserted into the historic rampart. Concentrically arranged bridges lead from the old structure to the new building. The circular concentration of the seats on the playing field brings the spectators as close as possible to the action, despite all the safety measures, and enhances the atmosphere in the venue.

The parking spaces are located under the stands and allow direct access to the sections or to the VIP and business areas. The roof construction floats as a constructive shell above the greened historical rampart and covers the seats.