University Basel Research Building

Summary The building construction and planning office Basel-Stadt prompted in winter 2000/01 an architectural competition for the renovation of the building from which Wirth + Wirth Architects emerged as the winner and was determined as general planner. The basic concept is largely in the maintenance of existing building structures and the external appearance. The special architectural challenge was to give rise to high-quality facilities for research at minimal investment costs. With the future users, Prof. Zeller, Prof. Christofori, Prof. Rolink and Prof. Dutchman needs were clarified and implemented accordingly. General structural adjustments The building was stripped down to the basic structure and subjected to removal of hazardous materials. The space program saw a clear outline of uses: On the ground floor a new main access was created by the Mattenstrasse and public-oriented facilities such as library, seminar and conference rooms and cafeteria located. The four upper floors, the laboratories and the associated working and auxiliary premises were furnished. The lower floors are used for home automation, animal stables and storage. More technical rooms were planned in the attic. The existing opening up zones as used up until now, however, redesigned. On the facades the windows were replaced thermally insulated. The roof has been renovated and provided with an extensive greening. total investment: 22.5 million CHF.


Offices, laboratories, conference rooms, school rooms, library, cafeteria (Mattenstrasse 28)


Competition 1st prize, general planning & completion




Basel, Switzerland






Universität Basel, Hochbauamt